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Jeff WEbb

President of the International Cheer Union

Jeff Webb

Jeff Webb is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and business leader who has significantly contributed to the world of cheerleading and sports education. He is best known as the founder and former CEO of Varsity Brands, which is now recognized as the parent company of Varsity Spirit, a global leader in cheerleading, dance teams, and performing arts innovation.

Webb established Varsity Spirit in 1974, and under his leadership, the company grew to become a significant force in the cheerleading industry. Today, Varsity Spirit reaches over a million athletes worldwide through educational camps, competitions, and other events. Webb served as Varsity Brands' CEO until 2018 and remained its chairman until 2020, when he significantly contributed to its continued growth and success.

In addition to his work with Varsity Brands, Webb also served as the chairman of Herff Jones, a company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, that specializes in manufacturing and selling educational recognition products and achievement-focused motivational materials. Herff Jones is involved in top-level college and professional sports, including cheerleading. Webb assumed the chairperson position in 2014 following Varsity Brands' acquisition of the company in the previous year.

After his tenure at Varsity Brands and Herff Jones, Webb shifted his focus to other endeavors, including the International Cheer Union, where he served as its founder and president. Webb also became the senior news editor of Human Events, a respected news and analysis outlet based in Washington, D.C.

Overall, Webb's career history at Varsity Brands and Herff Jones and his contributions to the cheerleading industry, sports education, and the media have cemented his status as a trailblazer and leader in his field.